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Holy Monastery of Iviron


Iviron is built approximately in the center of the northeast side of Mt. Athos, near the sea. It was founded in 980 by the Iberian (Georgian) high ranking palace officer John and his son Euthimios, disciples of St. Athanasios the Athonite and received its name from them. The Catholicon is of the 11th century and its feast day is the Assumption on August 15. The monastery was burned in 1865 but was rebuilt. The chapel in the church courtyard is where the miraculous icon of the Panaghia Portaitissa is kept. Among the relics is the so-called robe of the Emperor John Tsimiskis, Episcopal vestments of the ecumenical patriarchs Dionysios IV and Gregorios V, as well as a 7-branched candelabra in the shape of a lemon tree, made of gold and silver, a gift from the Greeks of Moscow in 1807. The library contains approximately 2.000 manuscripts and 15.000 printed works. The monastery is 3rd in the hierarchy of Mt. Athos.