Eagle flag of the Byzantine empire



Agion Oros is a place of prayer and worship. This unique monastic community is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Greek-Orthodox religion. Although the tradition and the 1000 year old history has always been that of Orthodoxy, the spirit of kindness and tolerance is predominant. Foreigners of other beliefs are welcome. It is very difficult for a foreigner to understand the prayers and the praxis of the liturgy and it is even sometimes prohibited to enter the main hall of the church during this liturgy. However the mystic traditions and the surrounding atmosphere especially early in the morning under the candle lights is a significant reward.


The orthodox religion has been the dogma of the byzantine empire ever since the schism in 1054. Agion Oros could not distance itself from this belief. Orthodoxy is practiced in Agion Oros for many centuries now. However the daily application varies from what we meet in other Greek-Orthodox churches in Greece and elsewhere. Here the tradition is more austere. Here the prayers are more detailed. Here the liturgy lasts much longer because its purpose is to send a heartfelt message of love and humility to the heavens and not to cover the religious needs of the church attendees. On the other hand, the byzantine tradition is alive and dominant. The psalms and the chanting mix with the scent of incense, the light from the candles and the rising sun and the catholic devoutness. The utmost way to experience this is to get baptized as christian-orthodox in the byzantine way. This can be arranged by us although you must know that it requires preparation and serious thinking.


Practicing religion is the reason the monks reside here and spend years and years in prayer. Their meaning of life is to save their souls and the souls of the rest of us through prayer, fasting, humility and acts pleasing to God.