Eagle flag of the Byzantine empire


Mount Olympus


Mount Olympus lies at around 90kms from Thessaloniki. It is the highest mountain of Greece with an altitude of 2.917 meters. According to Greek Mythology the mountain was formed, much like Athos, during the clash between the Gods and the Titans. After the victorious result for the Twelve Gods, it became their home. From its highest peak, Mytikas, they could oversee all of Greece and intervene according to their desires.


Today, the mountain presents the hiker with a fine experience. At the foot of the mountain one finds Litochoro, a pretty village with many hotels and restaurants that serves as the starting point for the climb. There are many paths that cross the mountain and lead to various huts for overnight. The hike is a non technical one except for the last few meters from Skala to Mytikas.


One more interesting place in the vicinity, is the ancient city of Dion. The city was dedicated to Zeus (Dias, in Greek). It has been excavated quite extensively and the many finds can be seen at the local museum. The site hosts a large temple to Zeus and numerous others for Demeter and Isis, the Egyptian Goddess who was a favorite of Alexander. It was here that Alexander gathered his army before venturing his expedition.