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Holy Monastery of Stavronikita


Stavronikita is built on rocky coast on the northeast side of Mt. Athos between the monasteries of Pantokratoros and Iviron. Although a cell existed in this location since the 10th century built by monks Stavros and Nikitas, the monastery was built in its present form in 1533 by the Abbot Gregorios and the ecumenical Patriarch Jeremiah I. Its Catholicon is of the early 16th century and it excellent frescoes were done by Theophanis the Cretan. Its feast day is on December 6, St. Nicholas’ Day. Here is the mosaic icon of St. Nicholas “Streidas” which was pulled from the sea with an oyster (streidi) stuck to the saints forehead. The magnificent tower of the monastery is much older than the other structures, while the trapeze is also frescoed by Theophanis and his group. The library contains 171 manuscripts and many printed works. The monastery is the 15th in the hierarchy of Mt. Athos.