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Holy Monastery of Simonos Petras


The monastery is built on a precipitous rock on the southwest side of Mt. Athos and is a very impressive, 7-storey structure. It was originally built as a protomonastic foundation (monydrio) at an unknown period during the 13th or 14th century, by Simon Myrovlitis from whom it received its name. As a monastery it was founded by the Serbian ruler John Ugljesa (1371). It was destroyed by fire twice. The first time it was rebuilt by abbot Eugenios in 1599 and the second time in 1891 with offers from Russia. It’s Catholicon has its feast day on December 25, the Birth of Christ. Among its relics are remains of the disciple Mary Magdalene who is honored in a special way by this monastery, a piece of the Holy cross, ecclesiastic utensils and others. The library contains few codices or printed works because it was destroyed by fire in 1891. The monastery is the 13th in the hierarchy of Mt. Athos.