Eagle flag of the Byzantine empire


Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros


Built on a rock on the northeast side of Mt. Athos, it was founded during the 14th century by two Byzantine high officials, Alexios and John, with the help of the emperor John V Paleologos. Its Catholicon is of the 14th century, frescoed during the same period and its feast day is the Transfiguration on August 6. The frescoes were painted over in 1854 but in many sections one can see their Byzantine style. Among the revered relics in the monastery is the icon of Theotokos Gerontissa which is kept in the Catholicon. The library contains 350 manuscripts and 3.500 printed works. The relics, which are kept is a modern vestry, include part of the shield of St. Merkourios, reliquaries with parts of the Holy Cross, liturgical garments etc. The monastery is the 7th in the hierarchy of Mt. Athos.