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Holy Monastery of Docheiariou


Docheiariou is built by the sea on the southwest side of Mt. Athos. It was originally founded around the end of the 10th century near the settlement at the port of Daphne, but during Byzantine times it was moved to its present position. The founder of the monastery was Euthymios, a disciple of St. Athanasios the Athonite. Euthymios’ duty was that of a storekeeper, “docheiaris” and this is how the monastery got its name. In the early 16th century the monastery was in decline but later grew thanks to the aid of the ruler of Wallachia John Alexander. The present Catholicon is probably of the 16th century, frescoed during the same period probably by Tzortzis. At first the patron saint was St. Nicholaos but after the miracle cure of father George at the Holy Water fountain of the Archangels, the monastery was devoted to the. So, its feast day is on November 8th, honoring the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Among the relics of the monastery is the miraculous icon of Theotokos Gorgoepikoos which is kept in a special chapel. The library is in the monastery tower and contains 441 manuscripts and 3.000 printed works. The monastery is the 10th in the hierarchy of Mt. Athos.