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Holy Monastery of ChElandariou


Chelandariou is built n the northeast side of Mt. Athos, half an hour’s walk from the sea. It was founded in the 10th century by a monk named Georgios and yielded in 1198 to the Serbian ruler Stephan Nemanja and his son Ratsko who became monks under the names Simeon and Savvas respectively. At this time emperor Alexios III gave the ruined monastery of Chelandariou to them by a chrysobul, to be used as a residence by all Serbians following the monastic life. Its Catholicon is mostly of the 14th century, with frescoes of the same period. The monastery’s feast day is the Prsentation of the Mother of God on November 21. In the monastery we find the icon of Theotokos Tricherousa and the tomb of the founder St. Simeon, from which has sprouted a grapevine. The valuable relics of the monastery are kept in a modern vestry while its library contains 181 Greek and 809 Slavic manuscripts and 20.000 printed works. The monastery is 4th in the hierarchy of Mt. Athos. It is inhabited by Serbian-speaking monks.